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Elevator Asset
Management Platform

Maximize elevator reliability, save time, and minimize headaches with Elevator 365, our industry specific source of elevator management data and reporting.

Streamline collaboration with
consultants, contractors, service
providers, mechanics and regulators,
and extend the useful life of your
vertical transportation fleet.

Built within The Microsoft Cloud


Our focus is providing our clients with the tools they need for smooth elevator management.
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Maintenance Efficacy

Maximize Uptime

Reduce Entrapments

Reduce Out-of Contract Repair Costs

Reduce Safety Risk

Minimize Violations

Reduce Elevator Management Time & Stress


Own and Control Your Data

  • Track maintenance hours and work orders with real-time KPI updates.

  • Keep your construction and modernization project costs on budget, with all your costs and project milestones viewable at the press of a PowerBI button.

  • Go deep on repairs, with root cause analysis and on-the-fly maintenance adjustments.

  • Elevator 365 reporting is based on Microsoft PowerBI so you can report by building, bank, device, service provider, or any other attribute recorded in the system...

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Portfolio Management

Keep costs under control. 

  • Manage your vendor costs, quotes and proposals, and verify work orders via your own internal process.

  • Track certifications and approve the mechanics that the OEMs or service providers assign to your buildings.

  • Make better decisions by evaluating service providers against each other, and for specific equipment types.

  • Arrange training programs for building personnel.

  • Automate your work flow and set up alerts, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Maintenance, Modernization & Construction

Stay in control and keep things moving along

  • Create and control detailed maintenance plans and track tasks, training, monitoring, and make adjustments.

  • Stay on top of budgets, project management, and new and modernized elevator turnover processes. 

Working with Service Providers

Leverage data for actionable insights

  • Leverage your IoT data and collaborate with consultants and service providers.

  • Wait times, destination times, availability, and trip counts - all are synced up so everyone can focus on what needs attention.

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Elevator 365

Elevator 365

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